Thigh-High UGG Boots Just Made Their Runway Debut At Men’s Paris Fashion Week

What do you think of these new UGG boots?

The frenzy over UGG boots has reached new levels at Men’s Paris Fashion Week — literally. French fashion brand Y/Project thought the classic UGG boot design needed an update to something more trendy on one of the biggest runways in the world. So say hello to thigh-high UGGs!

Yes, you read that correctly. There is now such a thing as an UGG that reaches way above the knees. Take a look at them below:

Each pair will reportedly cost between $270 and $1,380.

According to, Y/Project’s creative director Glenn Martens believes these new boots highlight UGG’s best feature: comfort. He explained his brand’s decision to do a collection with UGG:

“Putting on UGGs is like putting your foot in a warm pot of butter, and I thought why not elevate that and immerse your full legs! So we decided to design an UGG boot that climbs up to the crotch and covers the whole leg.”

Sounds like a logical and clever idea, right? Well, not everyone is exactly on board with the new UGG concept. Reviews of the fuzzy thigh-high boots were mixed, to say the least. All over the internet, people posted their feelings about the fashion-forward footwear. And as usual, many commenters held little back about their opinions.

One woman decided an apology was in order for the sheep who sacrificed so much wool to make these boots:

Some fashion experts call the new thigh-high UGGs part of the layering trend that is so in right now. Why just layer your clothes when you can bring your boots to the party, too?

Huffington Post couldn’t resist the play on words to express its thoughts on the boot’s attractiveness: “Now Even UGGlier Boots Exist, Thanks To UGG Australia’s Collaboration With Y Project.”

Others are actually pretty thrilled that thigh high UGGs exist. V Magazine published a story with the headline, “Dreams Do Come True: Y/Project Makes Thigh High Uggs.”

And, finally, sometimes all it takes is one word to sum up a person’s feelings about UGG thigh-highs:

What about you? Would you wear these UGGs? Are they a little too much or just right?