13 Things Only Those Obsessed With Stationery Will Understand

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There are few finer things in life than cracking open the spine of a fresh, unopened notebook or getting a new set of stationery. The paper products that you keep in your office may not seem like a big deal, but trust me— they are.

I mean, stationery helps you represent yourself. What’s your, “From the desk of” vibe, you know what I mean? Meanwhile, a new notebook holds a new world of exploration and musings from your mind and could take you anywhere you want to go.

Now, it may sound like I have an excessive amount of feelings toward my personal paper products, but that’s because I do! Since I spend most of my time writing, maybe you can simply chock it up to an occupational hazard. But, for whatever reason, I love me some stationery, and I honestly believe there’s nothing more exciting than a new notebook.

Check out these 13 things that only those obsessed with stationery will relate to. If you care as deeply as I do about a set of cards, you’ve definitely experienced these things before.

1. There’s Nothing Like Planning What To Do With A New Notebook

There are so many possibilities!


2. You Practice Your Handwriting Before Making Your First Mark

Because the first page sets the tone, you know?


3. That Feeling You Get When You Find The Perfect Pen

My pen of choice is a Pilot Precise V7, and I hate to write with anything else.


4. You Find Excuses To Make To-Do Lists

Because there’s nothing like putting checks by everything you’ve done for the day.


5. The Most Exciting Part Of A New Year Is A New Planner

New Year, new planner. What will your year hold in store for you? Who’s to say, but one thing’s for sure— whatever you do will be written in that planner.

new year

6. You Stock Up On Stationery For No Real Reason At All

It’s just too pretty to pass up.


7. You Buy Erasers You Never Actually Plan To Use

They’re just too perfect to mess up, am I right?


8. Stickers And Highlighters Help Make Your Days Better

It’s just incredibly fun to mark your meetings in green highlighter and your coffee dates in yellow, don’t you agree?


9. You Appreciate Thick Pages

They keep your ink from bleeding through, and that’s just the best.


10. You Never Go Anywhere Important Without Your Favorite Notebook

I carry mine with me practically everywhere.


11. You Love Writing Thank You Notes

Some people hate to send out thank you notes, but I love it. Heck, I’ll even send yours out for you, if you want.


12. You Don’t Mind That “Just Licked Envelope” Taste

In fact, it brings you joy.


13. You Carry At Least Two Pens At All Times

One to use and one to lend, in case you don’t get it back from the person you loan it to.


If these things make you happy, too, then, you just get me. You really do.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]