12 Things Only Introverts Will Understand

Are you an introvert or are you close to someone who is? Introverts may not be the first to raise their hands in class, and sometimes the happiest place on earth is home… alone, but being an being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean being shy.

Introverts simply enjoy cultivating their own alone time (most of the time) or spending time with small groups.

Before you judge the “quiet types,” check out these 12 things only introverts truly understand. You may find that you have some introvert qualities of your own!

1. We Insist On Peeing Alone

No, I don’t want you to come to the restroom with me. First of all, I’m using the restroom. Second, maybe I’m going to the bathroom to catch a break from the noisy crowd.


2. Work Is Work

Coworkers think we’re antisocial when we’re really just thinking to ourselves, or actually working.


3. Dinner Cancelled? Thank Goodness

We’re kind of thankful when our dinner plans get cancelled. In fact, sometimes it’s nice to eat alone—no one there to judge you when you order an appetizer, dinner and dessert.

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4. The Disappearing Act

Nothing is more joyous than a well-executed Irish goodbye—you know, when you sneak out of a party without saying goodbye to anyone (it leaves so many others confused).

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5. How Dare You?!

A surprise party is our worst nightmare. That’s when we know we’ve really lost control.


6. Shopping Time Is “Me Time”

Shopping alone is a way to avoid having to listen to other people’s opinions. We want to buy what we like! Introverts aren’t easy to dissuade… even when buying a hideous jacket.

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7. Um… Shucks

When you do speak up you carefully plan out everything you’re going to say, and then someone interrupts you. Not cool.


8. I Have Enough Friends

I don’t need to meet every person at the party! When introverts want to be social, we choose to hang out with the people we’re most comfortable with.


9. Face-To-Face Time Is Rough

Introverts are far more comfortable giving a speech in front of hundreds of people than mingling with a handful of them afterward.


10. The Energizer Buddy

You’re probably friends with many extroverts. This provides a little balance to your life. When you need to get out of your shell, those friends are right there for you.


11. It Can Wait

You don’t feel the need to look at your phone right away. When you finally do see a text, you wait to respond.

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12. Balance Is Key

We don’t want to be solo all the time. We manage with a good mix of home life and social time.

Being an introvert is simply about doing things at our own pace. We know what we like and we stick to it!


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