7 Things Only People With Terrible Eyesight Understand

Ever since I was eight years old, I have had terrible eyesight. If you’re like me and can’t see a thing when you wake up in the morning, you know the struggle of feeling nearly blind.

1. You Feel Like A Different Person With Or Without Your Glasses

If you wear glasses all the time, you’ve likely experienced the reactions of your friends when they catch you wearing contacts: “You look SO different.” The reverse is true too. Put on a pair of glasses, and suddenly you’ve taken on a new alter ego.

2. Going Swimming Is Stressful

You can’t open your eyes in water, someone’s probably going to splash you in the face, and even worse, what if your contact falls out?

3. Putting On Makeup With Glasses Is Hard

I can barely see, so how am I supposed to put my eyeliner on straight? Not to mention, all my hard work will soon be blocked by the shield of these specs.

4. Everyone Tries On Your Glasses And Tells You You’re Blind

Yes, I’m aware. Imagine how much worse it is for me to wake up like this every morning?

5. Losing Your Glasses Is Scary

Did I put them on the night stand or in the bathroom? Too bad I can’t see to be able to search for them.

6. Your Vision Seems To Always Be Getting Worse

Going to the optometrist is a pain in the butt because my eyes always seem to be getting worse. One time I went three years with the same prescription, than bam — I suddenly needed some strong, new contacts.

7. You Can Pull Off Looking Smart, For Real

No fake frames needed here. Although glasses can be a real nuisance, they also can be a fun fashion accessory, and you feel pretty authentic wearing them.

Photo by Katie@!