15 Things Only People With Depression Truly Understand

Depression isn’t just an experience – it’s a journey. As someone who has suffered from depression, I know just how hard that journey can be, and how often those around you don’t understand it.

While everyone may have a different perspective on the subject, depression deeply changes those who are affected by it. Whether you are going through depression yourself, or have a love one who is affected, there are certain things that hold true for most individuals with the condition.

Here are fifteen things that I have learn from my battle with depression that I think hold true for many who suffer with the condition.

1. “Being Sad” Isn’t The Same Thing As “Being Depressed”

Anyone who has ever been depressed can tell you that there is a distinct difference between sadness and depression. For me, depression feels as if the world around you has been muffled, and you don’t have the energy to fix it.

It’s as if you are being underwhelmed by everything constantly, but don’t have any motivation for change.

2. You Don’t Have To Have A Reason To Be Depressed

While you might be desperate to find one, depression often doesn’t have an exact cause. You can wake up one day, and just feel empty for no reason.

3. Depression Doesn’t Go Away Just Because You Were Happy For A Few Hours

Depressed people are capable of experiencing happiness, however, it’s not a true happiness. While we may laugh, smile, and joke around, there is always a underlying sense that our happiness is temporary.

4. Our Other Emotions Are Still Valid Even Though We Are Depressed

If you have a loved one who is depressed, don’t ever discredit their other emotions. We can still feel angry, upset, or love someone. Our other emotions should not be disqualified just because we have depression.

5. Hanging Out With Friends Can Seem Like A Charade

At times, being around others can be exhausting. Even being with our loved ones can seem like a chore.

6. You Can’t Just “Get Over It”

As much as we would like to wake up one day without depression, it isn’t that easy. We can’t just fake our way to happiness.

7. Self-Harm Doesn’t Seem So Crazy When You’re Depressed

Depression reeks havoc on your sense of self-worth. When you don’t love yourself, it can be hard to believe that others love you as well.

Many people with depression turn to dangerous outlets such as alcohol, drugs, or self-harm for a feeling of release.

8. We Often Don’t Think Our Depression Affects Others

Depression is such an internal struggle that we often forget that it can affect those around us. We often don’t think that anyone cares enough about our emotions, so we tend to be inconsiderate of how our emotions or actions affect others.

9. We Forget That Others Do Care For Us

Or want to be around us for that matter.

10. We Tend To Forget About Our Physical Health

It takes all of our energy just to get out of bed in the morning. The idea of even working out, eating healthy, or general hygiene can seem impossible.

11. Some Days Feel Like Weeks

When we’re going through a bad spell, days can seem endless. It’s as if we are sleepwalking through our day, and can’t shake ourselves awake.

12. Happiness Isn’t Always Our Goal

Sometime we just want to be complacent with ourselves.

13. Sometimes We Don’t Want To Talk About It

Just being around us enough. Sometimes spending time with someone who is depressed is enough to turn their day around.

14. Leaving The House Can Feel Like Running A Marathon

Depression takes all of the energy from your body. It’s as if you’re constantly running on empty.

15. It Doesn’t Last Forever

More often than not, people with depression want to get better, and feel better. It won’t happen over night, but many of us with depression fight everyday to find our own happiness.

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