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Don’t Think Gatorade’s New Organic Version Is Actually Good For You

Using organic ingredients unfortunately doesn't change the fact that Gatorade is full of sugar.

Gatorade has just released their new sports drink, G Organic, but just because you slap organic on the name does not make a product healthy.

In fact, Gatorade is still nothing more than just glorified sugar water, and it’s time we take a closer look at what this sports drink really contains.

So what makes this “organic” drink different than the original? Well, for starters, they’ve swapped out plain sugar and dextrose for organic cane sugar. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really mean much. Sugar is sugar, and organic cane sugar is nothing more than regular sugar minus the pesticides. While dropping pesticides is a small win, according to The Atlantic, your body doesn’t make a distinction between various sweeteners; they all release insulin in the same way.

Considering each bottle still contains 29 grams of sugar, which is more than the daily recommendation of 25 grams, it’s best to stick to drinking regular water after a workout. And if you want a little bit of a natural sugar rush, you might want to sip on some 100 percent fruit juice—or better yet, eat a piece of fresh fruit instead.

Photo by JeepersMedia