This 103-Year-Old woman was sworn in as a junior ranger at Grand Canyon National Park

Rose Torphy is 103 years old, but that doesn’t keep her from pursing new adventures. She’s officially a junior ranger at Grand Canyon National Park after stopping in the park’s store during her visit in January and learning about the program, which teaches kids about protecting nature.

“I started talking to people about the junior ranger program because it teaches kids to protect the Canyon,” the centenarian told “Good Morning America.” “My parents taught me to care for the land, but not all kids have that.”

Grand Canyon National Park will celebrate 100 years since its designation as a national park on Feb. 26, 2019, making Torphy even older than the park itself. She says she’s inspired to care for the park so that it will continue to be around for generations to come, ensuring her 10 great-great-grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy it one day as well.

Here she is proudly displaying her junior ranger certificate, in a photo posted to Facebook by her daughter, Cheryl Stoneburner:

Stoneburner accompanied her mom on the trip and was happy to see that the park was wheelchair accessible for the nature enthusiast.

“We were able to get to an edge where she had taken a photo with my dad on their visit in 1985,” she said.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), junior rangers “help to preserve and protect national parks. They learn about nature and history, have fun exploring the parks, and tell their friends, families and schoolmates about their adventures. Junior Rangers continue to protect the environment at home and at school.”

Stoneburner says that her mom now considers herself a spokesperson for the park and talks it up wherever she goes, so it sounds like she’s fulfilling her duties! The NPS indicates that the junior ranger program is for anyone ages 4 and up, and it doesn’t mention an age maximum — but we’re guessing Torphy just might qualify as the oldest member.

Kudos to her for her dedication to protecting the environment!

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