This 21-year-old is tackling beauty standards with her artwork

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Body “flaws” such as stretch marks and periods have previously been taboo as topics of conversation, but in 2017, that’s begun to change. And in at atmosphere of increasing openness, this 21-year-old artist is using her own work to speak out against long-enduring beauty stigmas.

Cinta Tort Cartró first gained popularity on Instagram, where she’s known as zinteta. Her work addresses bodies, especially women’s bodies, and all that they should be praised for.

As you scroll through her feed online you’ll find everything from stretch marks that have been painted to look like beautiful, multicolored zebra stripes to watercolor underwear that depicts the lesser-talked-about, beautiful side of menstruation:

“It all started as a form of expression,” Cartró told Yahoo! Beauty about her work. “I grew up feeling sometimes out of place. I’m tall and big, so it’s important for me to state in my art that everyone is beautiful, and those [so-called] ‘flaws’ are not [flaws at all].”

In fact, many of the aspects of the body that were once viewed in a negative light have started to shift in media depiction in 2017. And the ideal concept of beauty is being shaped by social media, instead of by magazines, more now than ever before.

According to a study about beauty standards conducted by Dove, “The thousands of beauty bloggers are testament to women becoming their own media creators who are influencing the beauty conversation,” the New York Times reports. “Whether women are rating beauty products, giving each other advice or sharing personal beauty/body image stories, or posting their own images or ‘selfies,’ beauty has become more personalized and more inclusive on the Internet.”

And that’s in large part thanks to Cartró and others like her who are looking to change the conversation about beauty.

As she said, “We live in 2017. Why is there still stigma revolving around periods?” She’s got an excellent point.

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