This $250 Million Super Yacht Will Blow Your Mind

If you thought simply owning a yacht was lavish — well, you haven’t seen anything yet. This “superyacht” takes boating as you know it to a whole other level.

It’s merely a concept at the moment. But if this incredible yacht were to be built, it would run $250 million —  and it would be worth every single penny.

According to Business Insider, the yacht designed by Italian designer Gabrielle Teruzzi would total 492 feet in length and is called “Shaddai,” which loosely translates to “almighty” in Hebrew.

Take a look at some of the stunning illustrations Teruzzi has posted on his Facebook page.

Here’s another view from the back, which shows all the cool details that Teruzzi has put into this design.

“The futuristic shape of the yacht is inspired by the most contemporary architectures,” Teruzzi wrote on his Facebook page.

A passenger on this vessel would be able to take in magnificent views of sky and sea, all while soaking in a pool. Ahh, wouldn’t that be the life?

According to Teruzzi, the cabin at the top is the “owner’s cabin.” He envisions this space as the perfect place to watch the sunset.

“From there he can reach the feeling of a higher power, surrounded by the immensity of the sea and the sky, reaching the clouds where everything reflects his place in the world: at the top,” according to Teruzzi’s Facebook page.

There’s a rooftop deck that houses an infinity pool, a dining area and a bar.

“The infinity pool produces a visual effect of water with no boundary,” Teruzzi writes on his Facebook page. Oh, an in a dream world, you can sail this yacht right by the Statue of Liberty!

On the main level, the concept yacht would house an aquarium, another pool and balconies for sitting and admiring the view.

He writes that the yacht is “where the dreams and desires become real.” What do you think?

Take a look at the inside, which features that aquarium we mentioned. With the infinity pool directly overhead, it feels like you are underwater!

The person who’s willing (and able) to drop $250 million for this will be in for quite the treat. And I’d like to go ahead and invite myself along for a ride. So, whoever you are, let me know where we’re heading off to because I’m ready for a vacation whenever you are!

Check out this video from Business Insider and try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor. Because this is the most stunning thing you’ll see all week.

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