This $5,900 Desk Lets You Work Laying Down

Now this is technology at its finest.  While walking desks are all the rage right now, Altwork went in the opposite direction and designed a desk and chair that lets you be as comfortable as humanly possible.

The team at Altwork spent 5 years and over 1 million in research funding to design the perfect office desk.    The early reviews are in and it appears the investment may have been justified.

The desk can automatically switch between standing, sitting and a reclining “focus” mode.    According to an early tester at The Next Web, the desk has some amazing features.

The really cool part, however, comes with the ‘focus’ reclining mode. Press the appropriate button, and the chair will start to back while raising your feet. Meanwhile, you monitor and desk are automatically angled towards you.

Impressively, Altwork says it maintains the same monitor distance and angle from your eyes throughout all of the Station’s position.

Unfortunately, all the fancy stuff doesn’t come cheap.  The desk will retail for $5,900 but if you act quickly can you scoop up one for $3,900 – $4,900.    For more information, check out Altwork’s website.