This 9-Year-Old Boy Documents Every Dog He Meets


Like most kids, 9-year-old Gideon has a favorite hobby — but it’s not playing baseball or reading comic books. Gideon’s hobby is documenting every dog he’s ever hugged, scratched or shaken paws with on his aptly named blog, I’ve Pet That Dog.

With help from his mom, the young blogger started the site in 2016 in an effort to see how many pups he could pet. To date, the youngster has met and taken photos with over 300 dogs (as well as one chicken and two goats), racking up an impressive 107,000+ followers on Twitter in the process.

Some of the dogs on the blog are people’s pets that he meets while out and about, though some are rescue animals in need of new homes.

I've Pet That Dog Blog

The budding dog whisperer explained his method of finding dogs to pet in a recent interview with Vice: “What we do is, we drive around in a car and then when we see a dog we park. Then we get out and say, ‘Can I pet your dog?’ Well, that’s what I say. And sometimes they are like, ‘What??'”

Each day after school, Gideon says he aims to meet at least one dog to write about. When he first started the project, his mom thought he would get bored of the idea quickly. Instead, he has continued the series for two years because he really loves dogs and says that meeting them never gets boring!

“Why I love meeting dogs is because, well, they’re — if they looked exactly alike I don’t think I would’ve done this website,” he explained. “But they look different. Their fur is different colors. Some of them are taller, some are smaller, some don’t like playing with toys, some love playing with toys. It’s all because they’re basically different.”

Check out some of the cutest dogs Gideon has pet so far below.

Max, The Banana-Stealing Pug

Mary Lou, The Friendly Pit Bull Mix That’s Up For Adoption

Summer, The One-Year-Old That Will Give You Kisses

Penny, The Beagle That Loves Belly Rubs And Peanut Buter

Matilda, The Sassy 4-Year-Old

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