This adorable 4-year-old sang to his mom who’s battling cancer

Kelly Dimmock is a 39-year-old mother of two who’s been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer as well as stage 4 gallbladder cancer. Anytime she’s overcome with sadness, her youngest son, 4-year-old Chance, sings an Ed Sheeran song to cheer her up.

She took a video of one of these sweet moments, and it has since gone viral — even gaining the attention of the singer himself.

Chance chose the most fitting love song, “Perfect,” to serenade his mom and make her smile. You can hear him sing the touching song in the video below:

Dimmock began posting these videos to Facebook and, ultimately, she and her sons got a reply from Sheeran in the form of a video message:

“I just heard your story and I’m just sending you this message to say I’m sending you lots of love and I hope this makes you smile,” the singer said.

This is just one of the ways “Perfect” has become a part of the mom’s life. She and her husband, Dave Dimmock, were married in April 2018 after a crowd-funding page was set up to help give the couple a proper wedding ceremony. They had only ever had a small wedding, lacking a big budget, but thanks to those who pitched in, Kelly was finally able to have the wedding she’d always hoped for.

And the song she and her groom chose to dance to was, of course, Sheeran’s “Perfect,” sung by their two sons.

The moment was caught on video and shared on Facebook:

This song has gone on to have special significance for this family, helping this mom smile when she’s sad, know just how loved she is by her sons and celebrate the meaningful moments in her life. There really couldn’t be a more perfect song choice to tell this family’s love story, and it’s all thanks to her darling 4-year-old boy.