This Adorable Lightweight Camper Can Be Towed By Almost Any Car

If you love adventuring in the great outdoors but could do without sleeping on the ground in a tent, San Diego-based Little Guy Trailers has just the camper for you. Their lightweight, miniature-sized MeerKat is the equivalent of a tiny house on wheels. And it’s downright adorable.

The MeerKat can sleep two people in cozy style, and has a wrap-around dinette and seating area that converts into a comfortable bed. The kitchenette also has a sink and an icebox so you can store fresh ingredients for your tasty campfire meals.

The Name Is Intentional

According to the company’s website, the cute little camper takes its name from the small African desert animal.

meerkat photo
Getty Images | Cameron Spencer

“A Meerkat is a small animal that travels in groups. It stands tall and pokes its head up to look around,” the website writes. “Meerkats tend to gather in groups and they are very cute — just like the MeerKat travel trailer.”

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Other MeerKat Features

A pop-up roof in the camper will allow you to stand tall, too, and there’s also plenty of space to make the MeerKat a home-away-from-home, with a hanging closet and plenty of cabinet and drawer space for storage.

Another selling point: It’s towable with a four-cylinder car, so you don’t have to own a big SUV or pickup truck to haul this little guy.

Three ventilated windows and roof vents catch any breeze, and the exterior awning offers a space to spread out no matter the weather. Meanwhile, bathroom facilities are what you’d expect for a camper of this size: A portable toilet stores away beneath the seating area when not in use.

Getting on the road with the MeerKat is a snap, and you don’t need an eight-cylinder truck to tow it. The petite camper weighs just 900 pounds and attaches by hook to almost any vehicle. At 13 feet long, it can be easily moved by hand and stored in your garage (after you move all your old camping equipment out, that is).

The MeerKat comes in a variety of colors and starts at $17,820. Or, for an extra charge, you can customize the paint to match your car. Fancy!

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Talk about traveling in style!