This adorable video of a dachshund-only daycare shows the miniature dogs living their best life

Anyone who’s ever owned a dachshund (or a dachshund mix, like a Chiweenie) knows that these dogs love basking in the sun whenever they get a chance. But for the rest of the internet, this revelation has come in the form of an adorable video of a handful of wiener dogs soaking up rays at a miniature dachshund-only daycare in Bath, England.

So far, over 600,000 people and counting have watched the TikTok video from @Little Dachshund Club, earning the video “viral” status. The TikTok shows five different dachshunds hanging out in a green outdoor space on what looks to be a perfect, sunny day.

“Dachshunds are notorious sun worshipers. Where there is sun, there is a sausage,” reads the video’s caption:


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Other videos from the Little Dachshund Club show the dogs frolicking in the grass and taking naps, but nothing is apparently as cute as the video of the dachshunds soaking up the sun, according to commenters.

“OMG this is so cute little sun chasers,” wrote one commenter. Meanwhile, other commenters wanted to know if the daycare was hiring or if they could become a member if they dressed up in a dachshund costume and joined the dogs for an al fresco session.

“There are really people out here living my dream,” wrote another fan.

Why do dogs love the sun so much?

It’s not a coincidence that all of the dogs at the Little Dachshund Club love catching UV rays when they’re outside. Like people, dogs find the warmth from sunbathing feels good on their skin, and it also provides some health benefits, too. According to experts, exposure to sunlight helps dogs produce serotonin and melatonin, both of which are hormones that can play a positive role in an animal’s mood and sleep quality.

So, while dachshunds will happily rest wherever they can, this explains why laying down in the sun outdoors is often their preferred spot!