This App Transforms Your Phone or Tablet Into An Amazing Coloring Book

Adult coloring books were one of the big hits of 2015.   Simplemost has done a few stories on them and they were some of our most popular reads. And for good reason, coloring provides a great way for people to relax and it’s an easy form of stress relief.

Thanks to a new free app, Pigment, you now can color even when you don’t have an old-fashioned paper book around or if you are on the go. The app is pretty cool.  It provides a library of detailed black and white designs that you can color in the same way you would with a paper book.

With the iPhone 6S, the drawing function is even better thanks to Apple’s 3D Touch technology.  With 3D touch, the app responds to the amount of pressure you are using.  And for beginners, there is even an option that prevents you from coloring outside the lines. Genious!

Pigment is currently available for free in the app store.