This Artist Makes Gorgeous 3D Murals Using Drywall

This is pretty impressive! Take a look at the detail in these unique pieces of art.

Some of the most creative artists work in the most nontraditional of mediums. Whether with found objects, natural materials or vintage designer suitcases, it’s amazing the way artists can make the world their canvas.

Now you can add drywall to the list of materials artist have used to create something awesome. Bernie Mitchell is a drywall contractor in Ontario, Canada, and he uses drywall to create stunning 3D murals. Check out his mesmerizing process in the video below:

Mitchell uses a variety of tools to shape the drywall into the landscapes and animals that populate his murals, including brushes, knives, spoons and even his finger. With this wide array of tools, he’s able to create various textures out of smooth expanses of still-wet drywall. And the level of detail he’s able to achieve is pretty impressive.

You can see some of his finished projects on his website. For example, this mural above a window adds a really interesting detail to the room:

Bernie Mitchell

This loon gliding along in the water is super-realistic:

Bernie Mitchell

Check out this pretty scene above a fireplace mantel:

Bernie Mitchell

During an appearance on Breakfast Television Toronto, Mitchell explained that a project takes him about 30–40 minutes to complete. If you’re interested in learning more about Mitchell’s technique, or in trying it out for yourself, he also offers tutorials. Learn how to use both natural and artificial light sources, create mud mixtures, choose the right tools and create basic shapes.

Mitchell gets his inspiration from the time he’s spent traveling throughout Canada and Alaska, which is evident from the wildlife and sweeping vistas filling his portfolio. Racing horses. Reclining wolves. Mountain ranges and tree-filled forests.

How cool would it be to have one of these Bernie Mitchell originals above your fireplace?