This artist paints portraits with his palm

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While you may think of finger painting as something that’s just for kids, there’s one artist we know of who can turn out some amazing paintings using his hands as his canvas. We’re not kidding. It’s called hand stamping, and it involves transferring a portrait painted on his hand onto paper.

Russell Powell is the artist using this unique technique to create these stunning works of art. His work is available through his site, Pangaean Studios, where his portraits are displayed on clothing for both kids and adults, and on phone cases and accessories like fleece blankets, throw pills and posters. Check him out in action in the video below:

According to the bio on his website, Powell is a self-taught artist, and he credits his elementary school students as being a big inspiration for his work. He donates both his work and the money he earns from commissioned pieces to causes he cares about, including water protectors and documentary efforts taking place at Standing Rock. He has also partnered with Make Love Not Scars, an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of acid attacks in India, and works with the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts, which provides youth programming.

Check out more of his awesome portraits on his Instagram, like this stunningly realistic portrayal of musician John Lennon:

Or this beautiful rendering of actress Lisa Bonet:

Or his version of pop star Rihanna:

In addition to using his hands, he also paints on other unique surfaces, like this skateboard featuring Princess Leia from “Star Wars”:

Here’s another skateboard with the likeness of the late Prince:

These portraits are gorgeous, and we love how the lines from Powell’s palms add dimension to these already lifelike images.

Are these images inspiring you to give this artistic technique a try?


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