This Artist’s Incredibly Lifelike 3D Drawings Seem To Pop Off The Page

It's hard to believe these aren't photographs!

Drawing lifelike images is hard enough on its own, but it’s even harder learning how to make those images look as if they’re popping out of the page. I myself can barely draw a pair shoes, let alone make them look like they’re a real three-dimensional pair sitting on top of a piece of paper. But one young artist from Serbia taught himself to do just that, and his images are beyond stunning.


30-year-old Nikola Čuljić has only been drawing for three years, but he has taught himself to create realistic-looking 3D drawings of everyday objects. At first glance, they look incredibly real, but all Čuljić uses are colored pencils, markers and pastels on paper.


Čuljić had always been told he was good at drawing, but he didn’t have much of an interest in it before he began his 3D-drawing endeavors. He began doing portraits, but thought those were too hard. He then tried his hand at drawing something different instead. That’s when he began doing 3D drawings, focusing on turning his art into optical illusions.


Although he has made a career as an artist, these incredible 3D drawings are unfortunately not currently for sale. However, he did tell Mashable that his goal is to make his,”name a brand for 3D,” giving us a little glimmer of hope that his work could possibly be available for purchase in the future.


For now, you can view and follow his work on his Facebook Page, Nikola Čuljić Art, where he frequently posts photographs of his fascinating drawings. He sketches everything from animals, to fruit, to clothing and even people, and each one looks as realistic as the next.


You can learn more about Čuljić’s work and process in the video below. Sometimes, you really do have to see it to believe it.