This bacon and sausage breakfast pizza will make your weekends so much tastier


Saturday and Sunday mornings are perfect for taking more time in the kitchen. And when you feel less rushed, you’re likelier to end up with an extra delicious breakfast. Lucky for you, the following recipe won’t require too much effort on your part.

This recipe for individual pizzas from Pillsbury shows how easy it can be to customize your own breakfast pizza. The best version of all (in our opinion) includes bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese so that you don’t have to skip out on any of your favorite breakfast meats. But the base recipe calls for just Pillsbury pizza crust, eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Once the pizza dough has been sliced into eight rectangles, feel free to further customize your slices by adding sausage, tomatoes, potatoes or whatever else you see fit. Then slide these into the oven and bake until the dough’s formed a nice and crispy crust, about 15 minutes.

When these individual pizzas are done, they’ll look a little something like this:


A version from Eat Move Make takes this recipe a step further, combining the bacon, egg and sausage with a fiery pepper jack cheese for an added kick that’s sure to spice up your weekend routine. This recipe also calls for classic European-style bakery dough, proving that you don’t necessarily have to go with a Pillsbury straight-from-the-can version — any pre-made crust will do!


If you’d really like to make this weekend breakfast a labor of love, you can also try making your own pizza crust from scratch.

This recipe from King Arthur Flour shows that delicious, flaky homemade crust can be achieved with active dry yeast, lukewarm water, olive oil, flour and salt. The most time-consuming part of the recipe is waiting for the dough to rise, which takes about 90 minutes. But the recipe also walks you through the steps of making the dough ahead of time so that, come Saturday morning, the dough will be ready to be rolled flat, covered with toppings and baked without all of the added prep work. So choose the best route for you and your weekend when making dough from scratch!

Either way, you’ll wind up with tasty homemade pizza dough that’s been customized to your desired thickness. Choose thick, deep dish style or extra thin and crispy:

King Arthur Flour

Whether you decide to take your time with this recipe or use pre-prepared dough, these pizza recipes won’t disappoint!

Here’s to starting each and every weekend off right — with breakfast pizza, prepared just the way you like.

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