This Barbie video about why girls should stop saying ‘sorry’ is so empowering

After finding out that Barbie — yes, the children’s doll that has evolved into more of an icon and role model than I’m sure the creators ever thought she’d be — had a vlog, I was curious. And honestly, pretty skeptical. But after watching Barbie vlog about how girls and women say “sorry” too much, I can safely say that she’s a much needed, positive influence in today’s society.

In her vlog Barbie dives into the confusing reason why females tend to apologize automatically, despite not being remotely at fault.

“I have some ideas about sorry,” Barbie says in the animated video. “[…] I think there’s a bigger issue around ‘sorry,’ especially with girls. We say it a lot. Like, a lot. Like it’s a reflex, and that somehow everything that goes wrong is our fault.”

Barbie goes on to describe instances in which we say sorry and 100 percent shouldn’t. Like when someone bumps into us, yet we’re the one to apologize. She’s surprisingly relatable in the video, and drives home the point that saying “sorry” shouldn’t be a reflex. Moreover, we shouldn’t be programmed to take the blame when things go wrong if it’s not actually our fault.

Here. Check it out:

“Sorry is a learned reflex,” says Barbie, “and every time we do it, we take away from our self-confidence.”

She wraps up her short, but very poignant, video with practical alternatives to saying sorry. The main one? Saying “thank you.”

“There’s so much more power in saying ‘thank you’ instead of sorry. It really changes the dynamic in a way that you can feel when you do it,” she says.

Barbie goes on to challenge her viewers to start really paying attention to how many times they say sorry. I, for one, say it way too much and have totally been in the very same situations she describes.

This is definitely a video that should be shared with all the strong females in the world as a reminder that saying “sorry” all the time isn’t helping anything. Go Barbie!