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In recent years, coloring books for adults have become quite a phenomenon. Whipping out your crayons or colored pencils and going to town on a coloring book, just like when you were a kid, can have all kinds of health benefits — from reducing stress and anxiety to bringing about better focus and clarity. I joined in on the trend a few years ago when I was going through a particularly stressful time, and I have to say — it works!

Maybe you’ve been coloring away for years already, or maybe you’re just getting into the idea. Either way, a new coloring book has hit the market that you’re going to want to snatch up ASAP: “The Bob Ross Coloring Book.”

If you’re under a certain age, you might not be familiar with Ross. He starred in his own hit PBS show called “The Joy of Painting,” in which he demonstrated landscape oil painting techniques for viewers. Ross was known for his calm demeanor, soothing voice and optimistic musings on life.

Sadly, we lost Ross too soon. After a battle with lymphoma, he passed away in 1995 at the age of 52. According to the publisher’s website, the coloring book is a way for the artist’s legacy to live on. As it describes:

This exclusive authorized collection of art, derived directly from Bob Ross’s own paintings, offers his legions of fans a contemplative, relaxing, and inspiring way to connect with the work and personality of the pop-culture icon. Featuring many of Ross’s most famous quotes and catchphrases about happy little trees, friendly squirrels, and more, the book also includes a gallery of his original artwork. But as he would no doubt want, coloring fans of all ages are encouraged to make their own decisions, embrace their mistakes, and make each painting their own.

The coloring book is available on Amazon for $12.71, which means if you have Amazon Prime, this book could be yours in just two days!

If you’re looking for even more ways to remember the late painter, check out these other (slightly wacky) Bob Ross-inspired products also available through the online retailer:

Bob Ross Chia Pet, $20.99

The ubiquitous Chia Pet perfectly captures Ross’ signature hairdo.


Bob Ross Self-Painting Coffee Mug, $17.99

This nifty mug shows an image of the painter’s face. But when you pour in a hot beverage, it will change to an image of one of his famous paintings.


Bob Ross T-Shirt, $18.99-$20.99

This t-shirt bears an image of Ross’ face along with one of his famous pithy sayings, “No mistakes — just happy accidents.”


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Or maybe you need a plush little Bob Ross friend to oversee any happy little trees in the vicinity. If so, check out this Kidrobot version, available for $11.95 on



You could even have a Bob Ross-themed party. Seriously! Party supplies galore! Do you see those napkins? There are dessert plates, food plates, cups, and a table cover, too. Check out the amazing banner with every letter attached to the painter’s iconic hair. For $29.99 on Amazon, this could all be yours.


If you’re a hardcore Bob Ross fan, you may want to sport this Bob Ross shirt while drinking coffee out of the Bob Ross mug, watering your Bob Ross Chia Pet and coloring in your Bob Ross coloring book, all within sight of your Bob Ross plush. And then you can have a Bob Ross party for you and all your friends.

But if that seems like overkill, feel free to choose just one or two of the above.

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