This bowler’s trick shot is incredible to watch

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Bowling is tougher than it looks. At least that’s how I feel as I watch my ball sink into the gutter turn after turn. But Jamison Knopp of Campbellsville, Kentucky, has a very special trick up his sleeve.

While bowling at Phillip’s Lanes, Knopp pulled off a trick shot nobody saw coming. He first released one bowling ball, which rolled along slow as can be, hugging the left gutter closely. Then, all of a sudden, he released a second ball, sending it down the lane at a much quicker pace.

The second ball beat the first ball to the bowling pins and knocked down all but one. Even if the stunt had ended there, Knopp would have been left with a possible spare. Not bad!

But then the first ball finally made its way down the lane and took out the remaining pin.

The end results sent Knopp running around and cheering. For good reason!

This trick shot was so good, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Watch it for yourself here:

As you can imagine, this took quite a bit of time to master. But Knopp was willing to put the practice in to nail this shot.

“I’ve seen many pros try and fail to nail the shot, so after a couple unsuccessful attempts I was so excited to knock the final pin down,” he told MSN. “It’s really difficult to complete as it takes perfect timing, speed, ball placement and just a little bit of luck to pull it off. I bowl at college level for my university so [I] try to practice between three and four days per week.”

His practice certainly paid off!


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