This bride flew into her wedding tied to a ton of balloons

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if the old guy from “Up” got remarried? Well, I think I might have an idea, because one woman has already done it.

When Chirine Sabaiti Mahmassani got married in Italy in 2015, she didn’t want just any old wedding entrance.

“I am an extreme sports enthusiast and wanted my entrance to reflect my personality,” she told BrideBook. “Initially, I was asking about paragliding in or even skydiving in but due to the tall trees surrounding the venue, we had limitations in doing so.”

But then Mahmassani’s wedding planner heard about the Molecole Show, which involves dancers flying with clusters of balloons, and the idea for her epic wedding entrance was born.


On the day of her wedding, Mahmassani was strapped to 250 white helium balloons and sent up into the great beyond without even a rehearsal.

Some people go on diets to make sure they fit into their wedding clothes. Others go on diets to make sure they don’t need extra balloons.


“I did not do a trial,” she told BrideBook. “The first time I did was at the entrance of my wedding which was super exciting for me! My mom was praying while I was up there!… It felt unreal! It was so peaceful and all the nerves I had while getting dressed went away as soon as I got in the air. I am most at peace and happy when I fly or do some kind of sport in the air. I honestly was not nervous at all about the entrance or balloons, I was excited!”

While the wedding happened several years ago, the story and the video are just now starting to make the rounds on the internet:

There’s even a video from the bride’s point of view:

We have to admit. We’ve never seen an entrance so breathtaking. Check out this snap the bride posted to Instagram:

If you want to get creative with your wedding, too, but are afraid of heights, here are a few song ideas that haven’t been completely played out. Not listed, “Up, Up and Away:”

Have you ever seen anything this wild and offbeat at a wedding?