Bride Finds Out All 5 Of Her Bridesmaids Are Pregnant

Planning a wedding can be stressful. This is especially true when you have a large bridal party. But for bride-to-be Heather L., planning her wedding has been unusually eventful… as all FIVE of her bridesmaids fell pregnant shortly after Heather invited them to be part of her big day.

Oh. And did I mention they are all due within one MONTH of her wedding day.

Yep. A bride-to-be occasionally will plan for one of her bridesmaids to be pregnant, especially if she knows that her pal is trying to conceive—but for a bride’s entire party to fall pregnant? That’s pretty rare. And also pretty awesome, as long as the bride in question is able to take things in stride.

And, in this case, she is. Heather says she is pleased for her friends and their growing families, and that after all they have been through together, this is no sweat. And she is touched that, even with morning sickness, backaches, heartburn and all the discomfort that pregnancy can entail, her pals still totally have her back.

“It’s really cool to feel supported in that way when they’re going through a major life change themselves,” the bride-to-be told TODAY.

Of course, the bride does expect that one or even two of her bridal party might end up missing the big day. One of the bridesmaids is due on the day of the actual wedding, while the matron of honor is due two days before. But Heather isn’t worried about that. All she cares about is the health of her bridesmaids, and she loves the bond that the group has built thanks to this experience.

In an interview she shared with Redbook, she says:

“Five new lives are being brought into this world and five women who didn’t really know each other prior have found a bond in each other. At the end of the day, I’m marrying my best friend with the people I love most there to witness it―the rest is just details.”

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What an awesome bride, and what lucky women these are to have such great friends as they experience life’s big changes together. Best wishes to the bride-to-be… and her five bridesmaids!