This bride wore her wedding dress on her honeymoon through 33 countries

Who says your wedding dress is only meant to be worn on one very special day? This bride threw out that old bridal tradition to make even more memories in her gown. Newlyweds Zoe and Nick Aust got married on Dec. 31, 2017 and then quit their jobs to travel around the world together for a year — with Zoe’s wedding dress in tow.

The idea to travel together was a long time in the making. The topic came up as early as their first date! So their honeymoon seemed like the perfect time to make this dream a reality. And bringing her dress along — a Ferrera gown by Watters — seemed like a great idea.

“Life is too short to only wear your wedding dress once,” the couple told People magazine when explaining the story behind their @marrymeintravel Instagram account. “And the world is too big to only stay in your little town your whole life. Our hope is that when people see our pictures they feel nothing but inspired to explore a new place, try a new hobby and fulfill that dream they’ve always had.”

We’re certainly feeling inspired, as this couple managed to create beautiful image after beautiful image in places all over the world, all while sporting their wedding attire. It started with a winter wedding:

But this dress was destined for someplace warmer:

The dress actually proved able to stand up to the elements, as the bride even hiked a mountain while wearing it:

And she took the gown to new heights … literally:

From mountains to oceans, the dress has seen it all:

The bride admits she didn’t think the dress would be up to the challenge:

“Neither one of us expected it to hold up after the first few flights!” the couple told People magazine. “To the naked eye it seems like a delicate dress. I don’t know how Watters did it, but they basically made an indestructible gown.”

And Watters was equally impressed by Zoe’s willingness to take the dress to places it’s never been before:

“What Nick and Zoe did with Watters’s Ferrera is a dream for us,” Sydney Watters Dunbar, the style director of the bridal line, reportedly said in a statement. “We are always inspired by our brides, but Nick and Zoe took this to a new level. We loved following their journey and seeing how they styled Ferrera, naturally highlighting the gown’s intricate beading and mesmerizing movement against the gorgeous backdrops each location had to offer. We are honored Zoe picked our dress for such a captivating adventure.”

While Zoe knows she’s worn this dress on some pretty incredible adventures — she says the best thing she ever did while wearing it was marry the love of her life:

“I’ve swam in this dress, climbed the Great Wall of China in this dress, rode a bicycle in Japan in this dress. But my greatest accomplishment while wearing it was marrying Nick,” she told People. “I’m so incredibly thankful for all this dress has withstood, but that will always be my favorite memory in it.”

Congratulations to the happy couple! We can’t wait to see what adventure they’ll embark on next!