This calculator app solves handwritten math problems

It’s the kind of invention that would have been life-changing for math-hating students back in the day. Remember how basic our calculators used to be? Today, they essentially do the work for you. Case in point? The MyScript Calculator 2 app, which isn’t a traditional calculator, but which does the same things and so much more.

Praised as a productivity tool and educational app for kids, this app allows students to write out equations on their phone screens and, just like magic, the answer is revealed.

Here’s a cool video to show you how easy it is to use:

The app solves all sorts of problems ranging from addition, subtraction and multiplication to division, percentages, square roots and fractions. It can even handle more advanced concepts such as trigonometry, logarithms, exponents and those equations used in calculus.

According to the app page, you can edit calculations, save previous calculation history, drag and drop numbers, export entire calculations and more. This calculator app is great for math students of all ages and skill levels, allowing them to more easily learn concepts visually and see step-by-step how any type of problem can be solved.

My Script

It can be used as a reference to check finished work or in addition to instruction from a tutor or teacher. It’s certainly an app I wish I had growing up! This brilliant app is available for iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad.

According to the blog #PaperlessMovement, you can indeed replace your normal calculator with this app and expect it to exceed the capabilities of your average calculator. It’s especially good for those who do math daily and want to be able to make quick calculations on the fly. Plus it’s paperless and, conveniently, on your phone.

Would you let your kid use an app like this?