This cheap and easy rainbow sensory activity will keep your kids busy for hours

Raising Dragons

This DIY activity is perfect for parents and kids alike. Not only is it cheap and easy for parents to make, but it will be plenty of fun for the little ones. And the best part of all? It’ll keep your kids entertained no matter where they are: waiting for dinner at a restaurant, on long car rides and more. Because — bonus! — it can be easily taken with you when you’re on-the-go!

You have the Raising Dragons blog to thank for this godsend of a game. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions provided on the website, you’ll be able to make this activity in no time, likely with items you already have on-hand. The only thing you might need to purchase are the colorful counters that will make the rainbow in the end, and those can be found on Amazon.

Start by getting a zip-close plastic bag and use permanent markers to draw a rainbow. Then, fill the bag with hand sanitizer and the colorful counters, make sure the bag is sealed tight and let the fun begin!

This video shows you exactly how it’s done, from start to finish:

The point of the activity is to make sure all of the colors line up to create a rainbow, using the permanent maker drawing as the guideline. Considering the hand sanitizer gives the counters something to glide through, it takes a bit of effort to get the counters lined up exactly where they need to be.

This type of sensory play is important to a child’s development. According to information on the Educational Playcare website, sensory activities teach kids how to use scientific processes as they play. As a result, sensory play can improve a child’s social skills, their ability to learn complex tasks and more.

If your child is learning the alphabet, too, you can combine sensory play with an alphabet lesson by creating a rainbow sorting game using colorful letter magnets, just as the Teaching Special Thinkers website demonstrates:

Teaching Special Thinkers

Creative games like these can be made right at home and are great for your child’s cognitive and sensory experience. Plus, they’ll keep them happy and entertained — and learning all the while!

What more could a parent ask for?

You can find even more sensory activities for your little one here.

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