This Cheesy 7-Layer Dip ‘Cake’ Was Inspired By The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is quickly approaching (T-minus two days, y’all!), so now is the time to seriously start thinking about your watch party. The first question being, of course, will you be getting up that early? Secondly, and perhaps more importantly than being fully awake — what will you be eating and drinking?

You could follow these recipes for a bit of tradition and snag this tea set to watch in style … or you could throw all of that out the window and go the route Tostitos took by making (and eating) this 7-layer dip “wedding cake.”


Yup, it’s everything you’ll find in a traditional layer dip — multiplied by six. The masterpiece took three days to make, has 42 layers and used more than 72 jars of Tostito’s dips. Of course, it also includes a bride and groom topper made of queso and hand-piped “flowers” at the base of the cake made of (duh!) guacamole.


Check out this behind the scenes video to show just what went into creating this work of art.

Is your mouth watering but the giant cake looks a bit intimating? No worries, Tostitos also simplified the recipe for all of us dip-loving, non-Pinterest worthy royal fans.


With talk of possibly seeing American food on the menu at the Royal Wedding, who knows, maybe future royal Meghan Markle will be serving some queso, too! Will you be sticking to tradition or raising a “chip” to the happy couple?