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This Cinnamon Applesauce Bread Makes Your House Smell Amazing—And It’s Super Tasty


Quick bread is a wonderful holiday treat. Perfect to serve as breakfast to overnight guests or to enjoy with a warm cup of coffee after a long day of Christmas shopping, nothing else hits the spot in quite the same way. It just tastes divine whether you enjoy it on its own or toasted with a swipe of butter.

Cinnamon apple bread is a no-fail flavor combo. You can either make it with fresh apples (baking apples like Winesaps or Braeburns are a safe bet) or save chopping time by using applesauce instead.

Over at Wishes and Dishes, Ashley uses one Granny Smith apples to make her Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread. She also uses white sugar, light brown sugar and cinnamon to increase the sweetness. You can opt to add in a pinch of nutmeg or cloves to give it a touch of Christmas cheer.

Wishes and Dishes

The Cookin Chicks, meanwhile, keep things simple by using applesauce instead of whole apples. You can opt to use sweetened, unsweetened, cinnamon or plain. You can even get extra-flavorful and use strawberry or raspberry applesauce, which would give it a nice rosy hue for Christmas time.

The Cookin Chicks also uses pumpkin pie spice to bring in those holiday flavors. Find the full recipe here. This bread is so simple to whip up and would make an ideal gift, whether you want to wrap it in festive paper and give to the neighbors or share it at a holiday brunch with coworkers.

Take your Cinnamon Apple Quickbread up a notch by topping it with a crunchy, sweet cinnamon sugar topping. All you have to do is sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of the bread (opt for turbinado sugar to give it that flaky, crunchy bakery-like topping). Find the full recipe on Plated Cravings.

Plated Cravings

The beauty of these quick bread recipes is that you can really personalize your ingredients to your taste buds, whether you want to add chopped walnuts, dark chocolate chips or raisins. Yum!