This Company Is Hiring Full-Time Christmas Elves To Spread Holiday Cheer

Looking to pick up a little extra money for the holidays by getting a seasonal job? Sure, you can deliver packages or work in retail. But how about something a little more … festive? One company is looking for the perfect people to spread some Christmas cheer — by working as elves!

Lapland Safaris, a travel company based in Finland, released a job posting looking for Christmas elves who are “at the same time an entertainer, a guide and a mythical creature of Christmas.”

Those are some pretty big jingle-belled shoes to fill! But if you think you can work some magic like Buddy the Elf, then this could be the coolest job ever. The job listing also says the company expects their elves “to be energetic, outgoing, positive persons with good customer skills.”

elf photo
Getty Images | Lars Niki

What will these Christmas elves do? The elves are tasked with welcoming travelers to their destination in a festive and friendly way. Each elf will lead a group of customers during their time at the various venues, such as tobogganing, snowmobiling and other outdoor winter activities.

Perhaps you’ll even get to feed the reindeer @LaplandSafaris featured on their Instagram?

The Christmas elf greets each tour group as it gets off the bus with schedules, maps, information sheets and other necessary items. Once everyone is at their activities, the elves get to show off their “magic.” The little touches of keeping the kids entertained while waiting in line at activities, making sure everyone is warm and comfortable and keeping things organized help the Christmas elves make a memorable trip for visitors.

And by the looks of this fun Instagram video, having fun will probably be a part of the job description, too.

The seasonal job lasts from November 2018 through early January 2019. All elves receive on-the-job training in the Arctic Hospitality Academy in “required elfing and communication skills.” What those are, we’re not sure, but it’s probably some sort of secret elf magic.


The employer also helps potential elves find apartments during the holiday season. And, in addition to a paycheck, each Christmas elf has access to a wide variety of shops and restaurants across Lapland Safaris’ destinations. And your ride might even be a snowmobile like the ones regularly featured on the company’s Instagram account.

So, if smiling is your favorite, why not send in an application to be an elf this Christmas?