This Company Is Searching For Two Complete Strangers To Tour The World Together

Will you be applying for a chance to tour the world with a stranger?

If you love to travel, but don’t do it as often as you’d like, odds are there are two main reasons why: time and money. While they can’t help with the time conundrum, TourRadar and Intrepid Travel are looking to help with the expenses by sending two complete strangers around the world for free. There’s just one catch — you’ll have to go together and you won’t know where you’re going.

The trip is part of TourRadar’s “Tour the World” campaign and will see two participants travel the world to participate in tours in five different countries across five different continents. The entire journey will be documented by a professional film crew and featured on TourRadar’s social media and marketing channels.


Airfare, accommodations, expenses and meals will all be covered, but the destinations will not be known to the winners until they’re chosen. TourRadar does reveal that the trip will take approximately 50 days to complete and is worth $22,000 per person.

“Multi-day touring is the easiest way possible for any traveler to experience the world in a relatively short amount of time,” TourRadar’s chief marketing officer Michael Pötscher said in a press release. “Through our Tour the World campaign, we are creating the ultimate trip of a lifetime for two strangers that will inspire others to engage in life-enriching experiences through multi-day touring.”

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To be considered for the journey, all you have to do is upload a two-minute video to TourRadar’s website explaining why you should be chosen. TourRadar says the bigger your video concept, the better, so maybe film your video in a public place and make a big spectacle of yourself?

You have until March 24, 2019 to apply and winners will be announced in April. The journey will take place from May–June 2019. Will you be applying for a chance to tour the world with a stranger?