This Company Makes Slippers That Look Just Like Your Dog

If you're an animal lover, you'll want a pair of these!

Can’t get enough of your pet? Who could blame you? We’ve certainly never met a cat or dog that wasn’t absolutely irresistible! Luckily, there’s a company called Cuddle Clones that understands just how lovable your pet is and understands why you’d want even more versions of him or her around — without all of the additional cleanup and vet fees, that is.

Cuddle Clones has created a product that not only looks like your pet, but will keep you just as warm and snuggly as your actual pet does — in slipper form. That’s right. You can now order a pair of slippers that look exactly like your dog, cat or other household animals.


The customizable product doesn’t come cheap — a pair will run you $199 — but your love for your pet knows no bounds, right? That’s precisely why you need little lookalikes on your feet! Plus, the company donates a portion of its profits to help animals in need.

By simply creating an account, you can fully customize every detail of the product — from eye color to ear position — and, ultimately, end up with a set of cozy slippers that looks exactly like your fur baby:

Cuddle Clones

Pleased pet lovers have taken to social media to show off their replicas online, and the resemblance between these pets and their slipper mini-me versions is uncanny!

Instagram user @halinmemphis wore a slipper to look like each of her pooches:

With slippers like these, Instagram user @thebrokedog was in for an extra cozy cuddle session:

The Instagram account for @audreythebulldog showed just how realistic these slippers can be:

If for some reason you aren’t pleased with how your order turns out, the company offers a full refund on your purchase.

And if slippers aren’t what you’re in the market for, you can also shop plush toys, stockings and golf covers that look exactly like your pet.

The plush toys were the first products the company launched, and they’re extremely true to life. Just look at some of the examples that can be found online:

Instagram user @coopers_town shows that the company really nailed it with this kitty creation:

The pooches on the @kellyloganxo Instagram account are practically twins:

Instagram user @asoccerv proved that your pet and their clone can be the best of friends:

How adorable!

Know a pet lover or just want to treat yourself? These replicas make thoughtful gifts for the pet-obsessed.