This company sells glitter coffins for people who really don’t want to go quietly

They say you can’t take things with you when you go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make one last statement. For those who want to leave life with as much sparkle as they lived it, the Glitter Coffin Company offers caskets that are anything but understated.

The U.K.-based company sells made-to-order coffins and boxes for ashes, which come covered in chunky, crackle-style glitter. The glitter comes in a wide array of colors: lilac, ice blue, rose gold, silver, pink, black, gold, purple, blue, opal white, copper, green, hologram/disco, black/silver mix, petrol, royal blue and gunmetal grey.

The Glitter Coffin Company

As you can see, these coffins really shine.

The company does not sell the coffins directly to the public. Instead, interested parties can arrange a purchase through their funeral home.

The coffins can be shipped worldwide.

The urns, however, can be purchased via their online shop. The boxes are a suitable choice for pets as well and sell for about $215.

The Glitter Coffin Company

You also have the option to add a silver plaque with an engraving so as to honor your loved one.

The glitter shards consist of non-chlorinated plastic, which does not give off emissions when burned, making them safe for cremations.

The shards then get added to a bio-degradable and 100% cotton fabric-backed cloth.

The Glitter Coffin Company

The insides of the coffins look just as over-the-top as the outside.

Check out this video posted to the company’s Instagram page:

If the thought of a glitter coffin is a little too much for you, but you generally love all things shiny and bright, they also have a sister company, The Glitter Furniture Company.

The company upholsters furniture, like the console table seen below, and soft furnishings with crushed velvet and glitter fabrics.

Check out this beautiful double-ended chaise/bedroom seat in silver glitter and velvet. The product description suggests it would be perfect at the end of a bed or in a hallway or lounge area.

The Glitter Furniture Company

Shine on!