This company wants to give you $500 to do awesome stuff

We all have regrets. Perhaps you took a job you now hate, or you didn’t take care of your health when you were younger and are now feeling the negative repercussions. While it’s important for our mental health to not focus on things we should or shouldn’t have done, it can be pretty hard not to think about the past.

We don’t, however, have to live with future regrets if we take control of our life now. To help, chewing gum brand 5 Gum is launching a contest aimed at making sure the future does not turn into past regret.

The #NoRegrets project was created after a survey conducted by 5 Gum revealed the top 14 things senior citizens regret most in life. Number one? Not staying in touch with friends. Others include not traveling as often or as widely as they would have liked, not stepping outside of their comfort zone and not visiting or seeing someone when they had the chance.


Check out the full list:

  • Not staying in touch with friends
  • Not traveling as often or as widely as I would have liked
  • Not saving enough for my retirement
  • Not visiting or seeing someone while I had the chance
  • Not taking care of my health when I was younger
  • Not learning more about my parents’ or grandparents’ lives
  • Not spending enough time with loved ones and family
  • Not stepping outside of my comfort zone
  • Not learning a new skill, such as a new language or musical instrument
  • Not standing up for myself when I should have
  • Worrying about what others thought of me
  • Not saving enough money or not sticking to a budget
  • Not speaking up when I had something to say
  • Wanting to please others instead of being my authentic self

One of the reasons for these regrets? Not having enough money.

While 5 Gum can’t help you stand up for yourself if you’re not ready, or make you stop wanting to please others, they can help if you can’t afford the things you want to do.

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Now through July 9, 5 Gum is giving away $250,000 to help people across the U.S. “do awesome and meaningful stuff.” Whether it’s seeing your favorite band in concert, picking up a new hobby, taking a trip or having a staycation, we all know you regret the things you don’t do the most.

The #NoRegrets project will give $500 to 500 different people to live life to the fullest this summer. To participate, follow @5Gum on Twitter or Instagram. Then create a post about how you’d live with one less regret this summer if you had $500. Be sure to include the hashtags #NoRegrets and #5GumContest.

That’s it! You now have your shot at $500. Do you have anything you want to do before you regret not doing it?