This Couple Built A Huge 11-Foot Bed So They Can Sleep With All 7 Of Their Pets


I love my dog, but we all have friends who go a little overboard when it comes to their furry friends.

This couple falls square into that category.They made a humongous 11-foot bed to accommodate their five cats and two dogs. I dunno about you guys, but as awesome as this is, I don’t want my dog laying up on my face all night.

As user Robdogbird described over on Reddit:

We had the king spring mattress and wanted to try the memory foam but they are super expensive so we got full foam mattress. We also needed storage so we skipped bedframe and boxspring and framed out storage under it so we lined up height to make them even. The seam is noticeable when you lay across it but not nearly what you would think. Sheets are just one set full and one king, matching if we can find them. The comforters are just two full and cover it perfectly, also nice if she wants covers and I don’t. Option for squishy spring or more firm foam is actually nice option.

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