This couple created a hilarious rap parody to announce their pregnancy

Once Mikhail and Arrion McLean found out they were expecting their first child, they knew it was time to share the news with friends and family. But they weren’t going to do it the traditional way. Oh no. They had a surprise up their sleeves.

The couple created a rap parody of the song “God’s Plan” by Drake — changing the lyrics to be centered around the fact that they were having a baby — in order to spread the happy news to friends and family. They said it took them an hour to come up with the lyrics, and they had a whole lot of fun in the process.

“We googled some fun ideas and added our personal creative twist,” said Arrion.

As for the filming of the video, Mikhail, the dad-to-be, said it took two weeks, but was equally as enjoyable.

“We both really enjoyed doing it. It was a lot of fun and laughed a lot,” he said.

As you can imagine, the expectant couple’s family members enjoyed finding out the happy news through this clever video.

We have had great reactions,” the mom-to-be told StoryTrender. “Mikhail’s family back in the Bahamas shared it everywhere and his friends and coworkers sing the lyrics occasionally.”

Once you see the video for yourself, you’ll understand why the couple had such a great time putting this together:

You’ve got to admit — it’s catchy!

Congratulations to the couple and their growing family!