This couple rode all 46 Disney World rides in 18 hours without a Fast Pass

Mickey Mouse fans, take note. Making the most of a trip to Disney World can often seem like a difficult proposition, due to heavy crowds and seemingly never-ending lines. But one savvy couple headed to the most magical place on earth and managed to ride all 46 rides in the four parks that make up Disney World in just 18 hours. And get this: They didn’t even have to use a FastPass to complete this impressive feat!

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Shane Lindsay, 45, and Kristina Hawkins, 31, stood in line for all of the rides and rode each one — documenting each one with a picture for proof.

Here they are on their very first ride of the day.

And again, almost midway through their mission. “Ride 22 death machine,” Lindsay wrote in the caption alongside the image.

Finally, here’s the last photo on the seven dwarfs ride in Magic Kingdom, which marked the very last ride of their adventure.

“We did believe it was possible, but we knew things had to go right as well,” Lindsay said to WESH.

In managing to ride every single ride in The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Disney-loving pair had just completed the Parkeology Challenge, a competition started by Lindsay in 2014.

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And it’s a tough challenge! Only 6% of the 325 official teams have completed the mission.

Lindsay and Hawkins have actually completed it one other time, but it was with the help of FastPass and MagicBands.

They started the challenge on Wednesday, Apr. 24, at 7:51 a.m. and completed the list just before the park closed at 2 a.m. on Thursday. The mouse lovers said the longest line they waited on was for the Flight of Passage in the Animal Kingdom — they waited about an hour.

“It’s mostly just Disney street cred, I would say,” Hawkins said to WESH. “It was almost like we broke the internet, the Disney internet, everyone was freaking out.”

The official Parkeology account also tweeted about the completed challenge:

“In an almost unfathomable feat of skill, knowledge and passion @FamedNaturalist and @Epic_Disney have completed the @Parkeology #parkeologychallenge tonight using ZERO Fast Passes,” they wrote. “This #oxygenfree run is unprecedented and unreal in today’s app dependent world.”

For the couple, the day had to go off without a hitch for them to be able to complete the feat. No line could be too long and no rides could be closed or else the challenge would not have been completed. The couple even went so far as to pack their own food.

At the end of the day, Lindsay thanked everyone on Twitter for following along. “Thanks so much to everyone for following along today! Kristina and I are so appreciative of all the encouragement!” he wrote.

He also expressed his excitement at the fact that their plans went off without a hitch:

It’s an epic challenge only suited for the biggest Disney lovers. So next time you head to Disney World, give it a try!

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