This Crazy Boat Will Have You Craving Fun In The Sun

With all of the snow and subzero temperatures hitting much of the country pretty hard, you may find yourself wishing for warmer days when the sun is so hot all you want to do is hit the water. You know, those good ol’ days when you could walk around in a T-shirt and shorts instead of having to completely bundle up in layer after layer of wool and down.

If you’re not longing for summer already, then you definitely will be once you lay eyes on this incredible boat. Uhh, I mean structure? Well, it’s a floating apparatus of some kind!

Meet The Tarzan Boat. Owning this floating structure is like having your own water park. It can be set up in a lake and is sure to provide hours upon hours of amusement.

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The Tarzan Boat includes trampolines, slides, high dives and rope swings. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Where was this when we were growing up?! I had to rely on old-fashioned swimming and boats for my lake fun.

Owning a Tarzan Boat will cost you, though. About $64,000, in fact, according to (Though apparently there’s also a mini version that’s only $38,000.

If you do happen to have this kind of money lying around, you’re definitely going to want to consider safety before giving this boat a purchase.

The website has even prepared a video that people should watch before ever using the Tarzan Boat—because, as mixing water with trampolines is practically an accident waiting to happen, caution is key.

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Concerns aside, this boat looks like a ton on fun, and is just the kind of thing we could all use after a long, cold winter.

And if you don’t want to shell out for the Tarzan Boat yourself, there are places you can visit, like Rockaway Water Park in New York, or Barbados, for instance, where you can experience the Tarzan Boat firsthand. So, if you’re over the cold and want to incorporate some bouncing water fun into a warm-weather getaway, try to work the Tarzan Boat into your plans.