This cruise will be setting forth on a three-and-a-half-year excursion

Villa Vie Residences ship
Villa Vie Residences

Have you ever been on a fabulous cruise and wished it would never end? You’re in luck; the company Villa Vie Residences is offering a cruise that sails around the world for three and a half years, and it’s meant to run indefinitely. The ship is scheduled to set off in May of 2024.

Here’s the description on its website: “Villa Vie isn’t just a journey; it’s a new way of living. Villa Vie breaks free from the ordinary, offering a life where work, leisure, and adventure blend seamlessly.”

The announcement comes just a few months after another company, Life at Sea Cruises, canceled its three-year cruise that was originally set to depart Istanbul, Turkey on Nov. 1. Life at Sea was apparently unable to raise the funds needed to buy a ship, turning a dream vacation into a snafu for many who had sold their homes and possessions in anticipation of the trip.

This time around, Villa Vie Residences has already purchased a ship — the 30-year-old refurbished MS Braemar, which they bought from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and renamed Villa Vie Odyssey. The company is offering a similar package to the canceled cruise but with some key differences, starting with the longer duration. Another change: this long-term cruise can be bought in segments of as few as 35 days at a time.

the observation deck at Villa Vie Residences cruise ship
Villa Vie Residences

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CNN reports that the Villa Vie Odyssey will have the amenities you expect on a luxury cruise, with eight decks, a large lap pool, four Jacuzzi tubs, three restaurants, four lounges and eight bars. Guests can also enjoy a library, fitness center, spa and medical center; they can get routine care as part of the overall price, but no procedures.

Here’s the company’s TikTok presentation of what you’d experience, starting with its departure from Southampton in the U.K.:

@villa.vie.residen Embark with us on the Villa Vie Odyssey! Our newly refurbished ship is your gateway to a world of unique experiences. 🌍 🍽️🍸 Savor diverse cuisines in our three restaurants and unwind in one of our eight bars and lounges. 💆‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ Treat yourself in our spa, stay fit in the gym, and soak up the sun by the pool or in the Jacuzzis. 📚🌐 From a well-stocked library to high-speed internet, we ensure you’re always connected and engaged #fyp #viral #cruiseship #residentialcruise #villavie #villavieresidences ♬ original sound – Villa Vie Residences

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The ship has room for 924 people across 485 cabins and will visit 147 countries and 425 ports around the world. Unlike typical, shorter cruises, it will spend up to a week in some ports to allow guests time to really get to know the destinations. You’ll visit Northern Europe, Greenland and North America, the Caribbean, South America, Japan and the Phillippine Sea, the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, India, the Middle East, Madagascar, Africa, and the Mediterranean — and make the Transatlantic Crossing, to boot.

Assuming that some of the cruisers will have to work at some point during these 1,301 days at sea, the ship is equipped with high-speed Internet that’s included in the price. While food and drinks are also included, there’s also a culinary center (with cooking classes) on board for those who miss making their own meals.

The price varies based on whether passengers want to buy a cabin or rent one. Outside cabins (with a view) cost $119 per person per day, and cabins with balconies cost $199 per person per day. But you can rent an inside cabin for $89 per person per day (which would come out to $97,455 for three years).

aft restaurant aboard the villa vie cruise ship
Villa Vie Residences

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Passengers can buy an inside cabin for $99,000, an outside view cabin for $149,000 and one with a balcony for $249,000. Then they pay a monthly fee of $1,750 per person, $2,500 per person, or $4,000 per person respectively. And since owners plan to continue the cruise indefinitely, you can theoretically spend your life on this boat.

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