This Cutting Board Will Change Your Life In The Kitchen

Courtesy Frankfurter Brett

We know what your thinking—how special could a cutting board be? Well, the Frankfurter Brett Basic isn’t even officially on the market yet, and we’re already pretty sure it could be the best product to ever happen to your kitchen. Yes, this is a cutting board—but boy, is it far from average.

The board has all kinds of collapsible and retractable compartments and attachments that will change your life in the kitchen.

This baby comes equipped with bins for scraps and waste so your cutting board doesn’t get cluttered with the pieces you’re throwing away, a prop for a recipe book or an iPad, and so much more. So, if your cooking routine could use an upgrade, or just some extra support—literally—this is definitely the gadget for you.

Courtesy Frankfurter Brett

If you want to be among the first to get your hands on one of these, you can support the project on Kickstarter. It’s already exceeded its funding goal, but if you pledge now, you could sign up to get one of these incredible products by March 2017.

They’re calling this tool the Frankfurter Brett Basic, although it’s definitely not basic. The retail price depends on what type of wood you choose, and prices range from $129-$227 on Kickstarter now.

Courtesy Frankfurter Brett

According to Food & Wine, this amazing kitchen tool was created by Johannes Schreiter, a professional chef, and Joseph Schreiter, a product designer. So, you know you’re getting a quality product from someone who knows what it’s like to be in the kitchen and someone who knows how to produce the goods.

Thanks to these two, you’ll feel like a pro in your own kitchen in no time! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the foodie in your life, even though it’s not out yet, it could still make a great holiday gift.

It doesn’t start shipping until March 2017, but hey, just give them a picture of what they’re getting and they’ll be plenty excited. Trust me. This is worth the wait!

[h/t: Food & Wine]

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