This dad and daughter had the most adorable mechanic-themed photoshoot

Devante Bennett-Dotson/Facebook

A young child and her dad have us all crying because their birthday photos are so, so sweet.

Devante Bennett-Dotson, a mechanic, celebrates his birthday on Aug. 10. His 2-year-old daughter Londyn, whom he shares with Ashleigh Sheppard, has her birthday on Aug. 9.

In celebration of their birthdays, Sheppard photographed the crazy-cute duo posing together while both wore coveralls. Sheppard told “Good Morning America” that Londyn loves to do everything her father does.

In the photos on Bennet-Dotson’s Facebook page, Londyn is pictured pretending to work on her own pink toy car next to her daddy:

Devante Bennett-Dotson/Facebook

So adorable! They are seen in one photo walking together, both carrying their toolsets, with Londyn wearing little pink bows in her hair.

We love the togetherness this South Carolina family has shown to the world in these photos, which have been shared on Facebook more than 31,000 times since they were posted on Aug. 9.

Check out the full set Bennett-Dotson published:




What a great way to capture memories for little Londyn. She’ll look back at this and know she shared a tight bond with her dad.

The mechanical skills apparently run in the family: Bennett-Dotson told “Inside Edition” that his grandfather worked on cars, and he was by his side trying to help when he was 2 years old.

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During the daddy-daughter photoshoot, Londyn was super interested to see what was under her toy car, the dad said. The curious little girl kept putting her hand out for him to give her a wrench, so he complied.

That allowed for so many cute photos to be taken — she wasn’t antsy or disinterested, as you might expect children so young to be.

Maybe little Londyn will be a real mechanic like her dad one day!

Automotive mechanics require special skills and are highly sought throughout the U.S. The average salary in the nation is about $42,000, GlassDoor reports.

The photos of Londyn and her dad are so inspirational! We hope others do similar photoshoots and share them on social media.

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