This Daughter Surprised Her Dad At Work Before Heading To Prom

Sending your daughter off to prom is a special moment. But one dad, Joaquin, had to work on the night of his daughter’s prom, and would not be around to see her in her dress or take photos with her. Knowing how much this bummed out her dad, Vanessa Macedo made sure he was included in her prom night anyway.

Macedo decided to stop by her dad’s workplace on her way to prom, and they caught the moment on video. His reaction couldn’t be more priceless:

Macedo posted about their special father-daughter moment on Twitter, with the caption, “My dad was upset that he couldn’t see me on my prom day so I decided to surprise him.”

The video has since gone viral, garnering nearly 3 million views online.

Macedo concluded the tweet by saying, “and let me just say, I love being his ‘güerita.'”

Clearly, it was a touching moment for both father and daughter, as well as for the millions of people who have seen this online.

Twitter user @angiedeguzman1 wrote, “Say hi to your dad I know this must have become one of his favorite memories! He has a thoughtful, respectful, and wise daughter! I’m sure he’s so proud of you!”

While others like Twitter users like @VegansAreEvil tweeted about the strong emotions they felt seeing this on their Twitter feed:

Some, such as Twitter user @cestbri, even shared their personal experiences surprising their dads:

Macedo told BuzzFeed she was surprised by all of the attention the video had gotten.

“I didn’t think anyone would love it as much as me and my dad, but I’m glad they have,” Macedo told BuzzFeed. “He has always been such a hard worker and I am very blessed to have a dad like him!”

How sweet!