This dog had the sweetest reaction after accidentally ripping his favorite pillow

Photo courtesy of Allie O'Cain

Draco the pit bull may look tough, but deep down, he’s a total softie. Since he was a small puppy, the dog has dragged an adorable heart-shaped pillow with arms around with him everywhere he goes. Much like a toddler with a security toy, Draco goes to sleep with his pillow every single night. But when another dog, Willow, wanted to play with it, Draco became possessive and quickly snatched it back, ripping his beloved pillow.

Thankfully, Draco’s human grandma came to the rescue and was able to fix the pillow with the aid of her sewing machine. Draco’s mom, Allie O’Cain, posted some photos of her dog looking on anxiously as his special pillow was repaired, and they’re so adorable.

Photo courtesy of Allie O'Cain

“Draco has had this pillow that he sucks on to fall asleep ever since he entered the world,” she wrote. “Well tonight it ripped, and he acted as if his wife was in surgery.”

Aww, how sweet!

“The whole entire time Draco’s head and paws were peeked over,” O’Cain told The Dodo of her worried pup’s reaction. “He was whining and trying to reach it with his mouth.”

As soon as it was as good as new, Draco was right back to cuddling with his favorite pillow. If you want to keep up with his adventures, you can follow Draco on Instagram, where his bio reads: “Draco SpiderMan Urback, Son of Goose and Allie, also known as the dog with the heart pillow.”

Check out this series of photos of him with his prized possession:

Too cute!

Here he is rocking a festive party hat for his birthday:

And here’s a throwback snap of Draco as a small puppy:

How happy does he look while enjoying the beach with his mom?

What a good boy! We’re so glad Draco got his pillow back!

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