This dog stole her grandpa’s dentures and the photo is hilarious

Sometimes dogs do the darndest things.

Maggie is an adorable shihtzu-poodle-chihuahua mix who, like a lot of pups, likes stealing things she’s not supposed to have. Dogs love snagging their owners’ food, shoes and all manner of things that are off-limits to them.

But it wasn’t a snack or a pair of slippers Maggie was after.

While her owner’s dad was taking a nap, Maggie stole his dentures.

Not only did she snatch them while he unwittingly snoozed away, she somehow managed to put them in her own mouth so she appeared to be sporting a human-sized smile.

Check out the hilarious picture of Maggie with the dentures, posted to her Instagram account at @magstermoomoo by her owner, Eunice:

“One year ago, I stole gpa’s dentures and I still don’t see what the big deal was,” Eunice wrote in the caption from Maggie’s point of view.


Eunice was at work when Maggie got up to the mischief, and her dad texted her the photo when he awoke to find the pup rocking his dentures.


“My dad decided to take an afternoon nap and rather than put his dentures in the bathroom, he left them on a napkin on the end of the couch,” Eunice told BuzzFeed.

“While he was sleeping, Maggie must have jumped up and grabbed them.”

Thankfully, Eunice’s dad was already in the process of getting new dentures, so he didn’t have to worry about disinfecting his teeth after Maggie got ahold of them.

Dentures aren’t the only human accessory Maggie likes to wear.

Here she is on Instagram rocking some chic shades:

“Maggie can’t come to the phone rn,” reads the caption.

How sweet does she look in this heart-patterned sweater for Valentine’s Day?

She’s also a soccer fan, as evidenced by this shot of her wearing a hat repping for Portugal’s team in the World Cup last year:

And she’s obviously a fan of Beyonce (who isn’t?!), as displayed in this Instagram image of Maggie donning “queen bee” headwear with the caption “Moo-ve over yonce, there’s a new queen bee 💁‍♀️@beyonce #queenmoomoo #beehive #tellemboybye”

How cute!

This spunky dog just may be part human — which would explain the teeth.

With her dentures in place, Maggie looks like she’d fit right in with the other “retirees” at Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary, a new shelter near Kansas City, Missouri, that provides a comfortable, loving environment for older shelter dogs.

The shelter opened in April 2019 and is currently home to five dogs.

In an Instagram post from the dog sanctuary’s account, you can see the first dog to “retire” at Shep’s, a handsome old guy named John Wayne:

The founder of Shep’s Place, Dr. Russell Clothier, created the retirement home for senior dogs after he noticed that many of them were living out their days in traditional shelters and not being adopted.

How sweet is that?