This Dog Was Just Named Employee Of The Quarter, And He Really Earned It

Working from home is becoming more common among employees in a variety of industries. And studies have shown that working from home can actually be incredibly beneficial, as it increases productivity and decreases stress.

Such is the case for Michael Reeg. Reeg is a district sales manager who works remotely from his home. Instead of spending his days working in a cubicle and surrounded by coworkers, he gets to be productive in his home office… with a loyal furry friend for his employee. Reeg’s dog Meeka is not only man’s best friend, he is also man’s best employee. Which explains why Reeg has named him “Employee of the Quarter” for the last several business quarters.

So cute! Meeka looks so proud.

And the internet is loving this sweet story.

And it seems that Reeg and his loyal employee may have started a trend:

And Reeg’s company Accuride is just as proud of their furry employee as Reeg is.

Meeka is an adopted dog, and they aren’t sure of his breed, but some Twitter users suspect he is a hound.

Reeg also has another four-legged employee (a dog named Kya), but her commitment to the office is questionable. (Reeg says she is his wife’s dog and rarely comes by his office.) Hm! We’ve all had lazy coworkers like that, haven’t we?

In all seriousness, working from home could be the trend of the future. Telecommuting is soaring in popularity, and research shows that two-thirds of people wish they could work from home. In fact, 36 percent of people would choose to work from home over a pay raise. And why not? Workplace distractions can cost companies billions, and telecommuting can be a smart way to ensure productivity and employee retention.

Not to mention, when you work from home, you don’t get written up if you give your coworkers a snuggle and a pat on the behind!

[h/t: Refinery 29]