Family’s hilarious parody video of ‘Bye Bye Bye’ celebrates the kids going back to school

The past couple of school years have been challenging to say the least, with pandemic lockdown measures disrupting both kids’ schooling and parents’ routines as everyone tried to adapt to homeschooling or hybrid school arrangements. Even at the end of a “normal” summer, the return to school is a welcome change for many parents (and kids!), and this year it will likely provide more of a relief than ever, since many kids are returning to in-person schooling full-time.

For the Holderness family — a dad, mom, daughter and son who have become celebrities of the family-centric musical parody world — the back-to-school period is always cause for celebration. If you’re excited for school to start, you’ll likely enjoy the family’s ode to the days when backpacks must be filled, lunches must be packed and the kids have to get their booties on the bus.

The family’s hilarious video from 2019 remixes NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” and turns it into a song that’s perfect for the back-to-school season. Just to give you a taste of what’s in store, the mom and dad dance on their front porch while singing lyrics such as “I love you endlessly, but I’m out of activities/so now it’s time to leave and get on that bus.”

Parents, you ready for this?

If that didn’t have you cry-laughing, you clearly haven’t had quite as long of a summer break as these parents did.

Of course, the video is all in good fun, and the parents do admit that their kids are probably sick of them, too.

This parody is far from the only piece of parental commiseration content that the Holderness family has produced — and it’s not even the only back-to-school video they’ve done.

Check out the 2018 video titled “School Is Starting,” set to the Black Eyed Peas song, “Let’s Get It Started.”

Meanwhile, their 2014 back-to-school video was set to “Baby Got Back” with the lyrics changed to “Baby Got Class.”

The family is always sure to devote part of their back-to-school parody videos to thanking the teachers, administrators and other school employees who take such wonderful care of their kiddos during the school year.

And while their singalong parodies are an interesting take on ringing in back-to-school time, these are not the only parents expressing their love for the return of school season online. Many moms take to social media to ring in their kids’ first days of school, which they call their “first day of freedom.”

Instagram user @chalkingitupboards took to Instagram to point out all of the things she was looking forward to about back-to-school season, including “curling up with a book” and time to “have lunch with friends” — no offense, kiddos.

It’s nice to see parents having some fun now that it’s almost time to send the little ones off for another year of learning, though we have a feeling they’ll actually miss having their kids around the house.

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