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This Fidget Jewelry Is Beautiful—And It Can Calm Your Anxiety

Are you ready to jump onto the fidget spinner craze?

Fidget spinners flew onto fingers everywhere about a year ago. Love them or hate them, they’ve attracted quite the following. After all, these spinning toys are not just child’s play, and there’s much more to the whirling concept than first meets the eye.

Playing with items like fidget spinners can help with anxiety and stress. In fact, they’re even marketed as therapy for ADHD and autism, though scientific support is lacking. Whatever the therapeutic benefits, along with the rise of fidget spinners have come some more adult-friendly versions.

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Fidget jewelry provides all the distraction benefits of the flashy spinners, but more discreetly. These pieces hide in plain sight as simple rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Dawne McGregor, designer of Love Dawne in Pennsylvania, started making fidget jewelry as a hobby. She loved it and it relaxed her, and her business grew. She has sold her line on Etsy since 2016. “The thought of something I made making someone happy and helping ease their anxiety, even just a little, means so much to me,” she shared on her Etsy page.

It works because each piece provides a sensory experience. The fidgeting is said to relieve stress and encourage focus, replacing nervous habits like nail biting, tapping or smartphone scrolling. Some believe it’s like having a therapist on hand, 24/7. Literally.

Retail Therapy

McGregor is just one of the many designers offering fidget jewelry — and similar pieces — on Etsy and other specialized websites. Like The site launched last July and sells a curated collection of fashion and accessories with purpose.

“I feel so lucky to be partnered with over 35 amazing designers,” said Alexandra Connell, Creative Energy Officer of “Many of our featured designers have disabilities or a loved one with a disability.”

Silver Pickle Jewellry, based in Scotland, features bespoke silver jewelry. In the collection are clever spinner rings, like the silver and gold ring below, and bangles with moving charms.

Mindful Meditation

Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, you can benefit from fidget jewelry. Another jewelry purveyor, Smoke & Ash, tells visitors that spinner rings like those from its eco-conscious line can calm and soothe the mind.

Spinner rings not only glam up your hands, but they are said to calm and soothe your mind. Spinning rings have been used throughout history as a proven aid to anxiety, with the repetitive motion of spinning the ring instantly relaxing the soul and spirit. I wear mine mostly when I'm feeling stressed as a way to keep my mind busy on a movement rather than everything then the thoughts in my head and subsequently helps me focus. Shop yours now at . . . . . #spinnerrings #fidgetrings #silverrings #silverspinnerrings #rings #thumbrings #meditation #soothing #calm #madeinengland #handmade #handemadejewellery #jewellery #silverjewellery #handmadeisbetter #madeinengland #ecosilver #ecosilverrings #simplestyle #bohostyle #surferstyle #beachstyle #simplerings

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When life’s stresses take over, these beautiful accessories can take the edge off. Remember to just keep spinning.