This Florist Makes Beautiful Living Jewerly (No Watering Required)

If you’re looking for something unique for a special occasion, you need to check out this gorgeous jewelry made by Susan McLeary.

McLeary did not have her sights on becoming a florist.  It was only after a friend asked her to do the flower arrangements at her wedding, did she find her passion.  McLeary told Refinery29 that, “when I had those flowers in my hands, I knew I’d found my medium; my life’s passion. It just felt right.”

A couple years later, she took a floral-jewelry class in California.  However, she needed to make sure the creations could survive a long plane ride back home to Michigan.  When she got home, she started perfecting her art of making jewelry from succulent florals that would be hardy enough so they could be shipped across the country.

Through her Esty storePassionflower, McLeary now sells all sorts of beautiful creations. She says that “they look perfect for about one week, and still stay pretty for two or even three weeks.”  You don’t need water but you just want to store them out of direct sun.

As a bonus, you can even peel the succulents of the jewelry and plant them.  Talk about environmentally friendly!

So if you’re looking for a unique piece for a special occasion, go and checkout Passionflower on Etsy. Pieces range from $19 to over $200.