This Funny Waffle Iron Is Shaped Like A Computer Keyboard

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If you’re having an office-wide brunch, love giving gag gifts or just can’t get enough nerdy gadgets in your kitchen — the Keyboard Waffle Iron is the product for you. Even if you’re not a huge fan of computers, per se, the fact that these waffles have tons of spaces for syrup and butter to pile up is surely something you’ll enjoy come breakfast time.

What began as a project for one School of Visual Arts student has now turned into a mass-produced product that can be found on Amazon. The Keyboard Waffle Iron first gained a fan following after the project was posted online. This prompted the creation of a Kickstarter campaign, and well, the rest is pretty much history.

If you love the idea of having a quirky waffle in the morning, you can shop this product for $69.99 on Amazon or on The Keyboard Waffle Iron website:

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

The waffle iron has received mostly five-star reviews on Amazon. There are some who aren’t pleased with the lack of fluffiness in the waffles this product made, however.

“[T]he design is really cute, but the waffles aren’t that great,” Amazon customer R. Lucas pointed out. “There is very little space between the keys so it makes it very thin in some places and thicker in others creating a not so uniform waffle. It’s a great novelty piece, a fun gift, but not a great waffle maker.”

So, this product may not deliver the same type of waffles you’re used to, but the fun factor might still make it worthwhile.

Based on the photos online, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with this product when making breakfast and more. The Keyboard Waffle Iron Instagram account shows how you can transform this large waffle into a pizza:

Or use it as a base for some patriotic designs:

It can also be used to create some pretty epic breakfast sandwiches, as the Instagram account demonstrates:

With a waffle maker that’s this fun, the possibilities for a creative breakfast are practically endless!