This fuss-free skillet focaccia recipe is so simple and delicious

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A good focaccia bread can make the perfect addition to any meal. But how often do you make it at home? Though you may think you can only get great focaccia at a bakery or restaurant, you can actually make your own in a skillet, and the results are seriously impressive. What’s more, it’s pretty simple to make and will only take about an hour of your time from start to finish. Who knew?

Check out this recipe for one-hour focaccia bread from Flavor the Moments. It gets wonderful flavor from fresh rosemary and is guaranteed to come out perfectly fluffy.

Flavor the Moments

Making the focaccia in a skillet takes a lot of the risk out of breadmaking, and also makes for a perfectly crispy bottom.

In this recipe from Food Fanatic, you don’t even have to knead the dough, making it practically foolproof. The blogger notes that it’s a great starter recipe for a novice cook who’s a bit intimidated by the prospect of baking their own bread. The combination of spices and/or cheese is up to you, and you can experiment until you find the ideal recipe.

Food Fanatic

Focaccia can be served as part of an appetizer spread, for dunking in soups and stews, as part of a larger Italian feast, alongside a fresh salad, as sandwich bread or all on its own as a tasty snack. I think I’d have to make it when expecting company, just to avoid devouring the whole skillet myself.

If you don’t have a skillet, The Comfort of Cooking says a baking pan with similar dimensions can be used in its place. This recipe for one-hour skillet garlic parmesan focaccia sounds absolutely scrumptious, and the blogger recommends dipping it in a combination of olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt.

The Comfort of Cooking

Yum! Would you give one of these awesome focaccia recipes a try?

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